father and daughter reading a book | Wild Tales Books

Our mission is to instil a livelong love for books in young children whilst creating a way for parents and children to bond over story-time!

Who are we?

Founded by a group of students, Wild Tales Books is a Young Enterprise Company that is dedicated to helping introduce the joys of reading and to encourage young children to read. We also aim to help parents and children bond over reading, fostering imagination, education and a lifelong love for books.

What we do

We create handmade compilations of stories, which you can buy from the Young Enterprise Online Trading Station or from a local event

Each story follows the life of a friendly animal character, with events that children can relate to themselves – such as the first day of school, or getting a wobbly tooth. By including these relatable situations, children can learn moral concepts and lessons as they follow characters in the story. At the end of each story, we have fun activities for children to complete that reinforce the message of the story, in a fun and engaging way.

With these stories, we aim to engage children into the world of reading, while also creating a way for parents and children to bond over story-time.

Problems we aim to solve

At Wild Tales Books, we aim to engage young children into the world of reading.

Unfortunately, within the UK, 1 in 4 children have not reached the expected reading level by the age of 11 and many of these children struggle to keep up at secondary school. This is why we believe it is important to instil a love of books from a young age, so they can begin developing crucial skills that will help them in the rest of their lives. Reading not only helps to improve literacy skills, but also teaches moral concepts as well as boosts confidence and concentration.

Due to the cost-of-living crisis, we are aware that prices of books have increased, and studies have shown that 20% of families are spending less on books for their children. Due to this, we price our products at an affordable price, allowing parents to support their children and help them to develop the essential skills they need.

Being sustainable and eco-friendly is very close the the heart of our company. We envision a future where everyone is environmentally conscious, which is why we are writing a series of stories on sustainability. We also ensure that all our products are eco-friendly and therefore, we use sustainable resources in the books and packaging, such as recycled paper.