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Looking for a way to make reading more fun and exciting for your children? ​

Here, at Wild Tales Books, we create handmade, relatable stories that bring joy and excitement to your children’s reading experience. With our unique creations, reading becomes an enjoyable adventure filled with fun and imagination. Say goodbye to boring books and hello to a world of fun!

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Why order our stories?

Relatable Stories

Our selection of stories are handwritten to allow young children to be able to engage with and understand the storyline, as well as connect it to events in their own lives.

Fun & Engaging Characters

Our unique animal characters each embody a different personality which makes reading with them an exciting adventure!

Strong Morals

Each story teaches children important skills and lessons as characters learn and grow. To deepen their understanding, each book ends with fun activities, focusing on the moral of the story.

Affordable Prices

With the cost-of-living crisis, books have become expensive. At Wild Tales Books, we aim to design our books to be cheaper, so you can afford them, while still ensuring they are high-quality.


Our sustainable book is crafted from recycled paper. This eco-friendly product embodies our commitment to reducing waste and promoting a greener future!

Who are we?

We are a Young Enterprise company, founded by a group of students. We are dedicated to engaging young children into the world of reading and instilling a love for books from a young age!

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